/ 06 August 2021

Mexico takes aim at US gun companies

It’s had enough of illegally imported guns, and so the Mexican Government has made an out-of-the-box legal move… It’s suing several major US gun manufacturers and suppliers and is seeking at least US$10 billion in compensation. Mexico says the companies allow their products to cross the US-Mexico border illegally, which has fuelled gun violence in the nation. At least 17,000 homicides were linked to trafficked weapons in 2019, and officials say it’s getting worse. The gun manufacturers’ reps say they are “baseless” claims, and Mexico is responsible for crimes there. Analysts say the lawsuit will be a tough one to win, with American law banning most civil lawsuits against gun companies after their products have been misused. But after the failures of successive Mexican presidents to fix the issue, it could be more about the politics on both sides of the border…

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