/ 10 January 2022

More talks over the Ukraine crisis

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

Picking up where the presidents of the US and Russia left off last year, officials will meet in Geneva on Monday (local time) as the crisis on the Ukraine-Russian border continues. The issues remain the same. Russian President Vladimir Putin does not want NATO setting up shop in Ukraine – it would bring US and European military assets and agendas too close for his comfort. Putin also wants guarantees about US troop movements in the area – something US President Joe Biden has refused to provide. What the US will discuss is the placement of missiles and scope of military exercises in Europe, officials said yesterday. But US analysts say the meeting is about a lot more than those bibs and bobs – the White House is testing Putin and whether he’s serious about ending the crisis or if he’s stuffing them around while getting ready to invade. Watch this space…

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