/ 30 May 2024

Redefining the Rainbow Nation


Over 27 million South Africans have voted in the most “pivotal” national and provincial elections since apartheid ended in 1994 as for the first time, Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) could lose its majority. Experts say “disillusionment” and high unemployment have led to an explosion of candidates, with 70 parties and 11 independents running 14,889 candidates for a total of 887 seats. The ANC needs at least 50% of votes to retain a majority or it faces having to form a coalition, or losing power altogether. Current President Cyril Ramaphosa‘s main rival is the opposition Democratic Alliance, which has signed a pact with 10 other parties to form a coalition if they can beat the ANC. But with polls showing one third of voters are undecided, it will be a nervous wait until the results are announced on Sunday.

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