The 2021 Squiz Recipe Roundup

If there’s one thing we know about you lot, it’s that you enjoy a good recipe recommendation. Which suits us, because we like giving them… Rounded up into one easy page, here’s what we were cooking each month of 2021.

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Lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime poached chicken with rice noodles - Fresh flavours of a salad and some carbolicious vibes.

Roast salmon with macadamia and rocket pesto - Get those smug vibes with homemade pesto why don't you.

Prawn and avocado cocktail - Perfect for Australia Day, not that you need an excuse…

Pork fillet with bok choy - Filling and clean.


Roasted cauliflower with anchovy mustard - One of those wow sides dressed to impress.

Easy choccie mousse - Yeah the new year health kick was really on the skids at this point.

Malaysian chicken curry - Squiz tip: don’t be put off by making your own paste - it’s a ‘chuck it in the blender/food processor/Thermomix and blitz’ kinda thing.

Sausage, potato and cherry tomato tray bake Pssst. Chuck some broccolini in there for the last 5 mins of cooking for some balance…


Baked feta/cherry tomato pasta- This was internet famous for a reason.

Donna Hay's chargrilled zucchini with garlic and lemon - Squiz tip: we’ll couple it with some grilled fish, or maybe a lamb chop. 

Shannon Harley's summer veggie lasagne - Squz tip: no one’s got time to hunt down yellow squash so we upped the zucchini.

Charred corn salad with creamy parmesan dressing- This became one of our absolute favourites this year. It's that good.

Baked rice with broccoli and prawns - Squiz tip: it’s got the great paella flavour, with a fraction of the hassle. Good for a weekday meal.


Cacio e pepe bread - It’s the trifecta - easy, quick and kid-friendly (unless you’re lactose intolerant, sorry kid).

Carrot cake muffins - Big call, but it’s quite possibly the best carrot cake we’ve had - and we’ve had a lot…

Prawn laksa curry bowl- Just yum.

Buttery koulourakia (Easter biscuits)- Buttery biscuits - what's not to like?


Potato and leek soup - Squiz tip: it’s a good one to freeze and have on hand. 

Cheat version of cauliflower risotto - If you love risotto but you’re looking for something that’s not so high maintenance. 

Ottolenghi's saffron rice with pistachio and mixed herbs- It's Ottolenghi, so yeah, it's good.

Baked fish dish with cherry tomatoes, olives and capers- A classic flavour combo.


Jamie Oliver's sticky date pudding - It features Earl Grey tea, dark rum, baked pumpkin, and a lot of yum. 

Our favourite chicken noodle soup - Squiz tip: we don’t count soup as food (it’s a liquid so derr…) but this has enough chicken and noodles to make it a meal.

Cheesy/spinachy spanakopita - Only because it recommends store-bought filo… 

Stefano de Pieri's potato curry with snapper - Squiz Tip: for a bit more of a kick, add some fresh chilli to the paste. It’ll put some pep in your weekend step.

Coconut and coriander chicken curry - Fresh and packs a punch.


Ottolenghi's chicken salad with fennel and herbsSquiz tip: You end up with leftover orange paste - a great edition for sauces, salsas and cakes... It’s all about balance, right?

Yemista - aka tomatoes filled with rice and herbs - One to try if you're in a cooking rut.

Ricotta cheesecake - It's cheesecake - no explanation needed.

Shannon Bennett's spicy lamb and risoni soup - All that’s left to say is pass the garlic bread


Hot ginger and spiced rye cake with pear - Is it afternoon tea time yet?

Oven-dried orange slices - To fancy-up your drink. Squiz tip: they last a week in an airtight container, but they could go longer - it's just that we've used them all by then…

Spanish chicken dish with chorizo - we may have doubled the chorizo in this one...

Sweet potato and pumpkin risoni - Filling and a crowd-pleaser.


Brussels sprouts with parmesan, lemon and anchovy - Making Brussels sprouts fab.

Adam Liaw's poached prawn salad with lemongrass and lime - Squiz tip: we paired it with a simple rice pilaf because you don’t make friends with salad. 

Lemon buttercream melting moments - They certainly melted any restraint we had…

Lemon & Pistachio Cake - So very pretty.


Edamame dip with red onion and sesame oil - Best. Dip. Ever.

Basque cheesecake - There are not many recipes that call for a caramelised top (let’s be honest, it’s a bit burnt…), so it’s perfect for imperfect cooks like us.

Pissaladiere (French pizza) - We were deep into lockdown at this point so some bread-adjacent recipe was mandatory.

Neil Perry's seafood stew - The stew is good - dipping your bread into it is perfection.

San Choy Bow - a classic, and there's a reason - it's tasty.

Avocado, edamame and lemon dip - Avos have been so cheap, and this is a great way to enjoy them.


Beef taco rice traybake with spicy avocado dressing - Guaranteed to make you a Friday night rockstar.

Jill Dupleix's crash-hot smashed potatoes- We can still remember the moment we can across this recipe. Lifechanging.

Weis-inspired mango-cheesecake- You've got to love a mango glut.

Pork and cabbage dumplings- Go no further than your supermarket for your ingredients for these beauties.


Salmon and sweet potato fish cakes - Two ingredients made for each other.

Herbed ricotta and roasted-tomato bruschetta - Simple, but get the best toms you can.

Adam Liaw's fried chicken with vinegar dressing - Mmm fried chicken...

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