Quite simply, we're people who love news...

And we want to give busy people a quick and easy way to stay on top of things. The result is our weekday newsletter and podcast, Squiz Today. It's your shortcut to being informed. Since we launched in 2017, we've also added Squiz Shortcuts, Squiz Kids, Saturday Squiz, Weekly Wrap and News Club. Because we reckon we have a knack for it...

The Squiz is for everyone, but you're probably wondering about Ms Squiz in our logo. Women are at the core of The Squiz. When we sit down to write Squiz Today we have our time-poor, information-hungry girlfriends in mind. The Squiz is a big shout out to her.

We live and breathe news and consume it for fun. So we've taken our passion and your need for a trusted place to get the facts - and the result is The Squiz.

Everything we do at The Squiz is based on the same principle - we want to give you a fact-filled run-down of what's making news with a teensy bit of analysis, and an eye on what's coming next.

We are independent of all the news outlets and committed to agenda-free news. You're smart people, you don't need us to tell you what to think.

We hope The Squiz makes your life easier, informs great conversations and helps you know more about what's happening in the world today than the boss at your 8.30am meeting.

Happy Squizing.

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