Squiz Picks

What we've been watching/reading/listening/cooking/buying so far in 2024


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Jacob Goldstein

This light-touch history book is well-written, insightful and humorous - plus knowing more about the thing that makes the world go round doesn’t hurt.

thursday murder club

Thursday Murder Club
Richard Osman

This book forms part of a 4 part series. They are super super fun, easy, and perfect to settle into over a long weekend.


Birnam Wood
Elanor Catton

She won the Booker Prize in 2013 with The Luminaries, and she brings her rich characters and love of plot to her latest novel. It’s well worth a read.


The Lure of Divorce - This article by Emily Goulding from The Cut is about her experience in marriage and divorce - and if you like peeking into other people’s relationships, this article had our eyes popping out of our heads.

A porter’s guide to a suitcase - This is some timely/practical advice on luggage from a career hotel porter. The line that drew us in: "Expensive, brand-name luggage? One question - why?”

The True Cost of Fake Fashion - This ABC article delves into the very real market for fake handbags and gives a detailed guide on how to spot a fake.



Ezra Klien

What Relationships Would You Want, If You Believed They Were Possible?

This episode covers the decline of marriage, what it means for families, caring responsibilities, monogamy and growing old. Just the small stuff…


Texas Hold Em'

This year, Beyoncé announced her latest work via a Super Bowl commercial. The first single to drop was Texas Hold ‘Em - and it took off. And now the album Cowboy Carter is dropping this weekend so we’ll be diving into our music streaming app for a bop...

The great post offie

The Great Post Office Trial

Drill into the saga of the UK post office scandal and the many of those falsely accused - it was a big news story in the UK at the start of this year. If true crime's your thing, we reckon this will be right up your alley.



The Greatest Night in Pop on Netflix

This is a doco on the 80s song - We Are The World - and the making of it. If you're a fan of that era of music then this is one to watch... it’s super entertaining.

stan 2

Three Women on Stan 

Three Women is a brand new series on Stan. It’s based on the 2019 book which follows the story of (you guessed it…) 3 women over a decade. We loved it and all 10 episodes are available to watch right now. 


& Juliet at The Sydney Lyric

The show is pure delight. This musical will have you singing the whole time to all the pop 90s and 00s songs you forgot you knew. They are wrapping up their Aussie tour in April, so if you're in Sydney it's a good one to check out.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Amazon Prime

Mr & Mrs Smith is the movie that put Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the relationship map back in 2005. And now the omni-talented Donald Glover is behind the reimagined 8-part series. It’s fast, fun and witty.


Expats on Prime Video

We’re engrossed by this new mystery series featuring Nicole Kidman. In 6-episodes, it follows the story of a glamorous Hong Kong life before a tragic event shatters the facade. Think Big Little Lies but in Asia…


Anatomy of a Fall on Apple TV

Push, jump or fall is the central question in French courtroom thriller Anatomy of a Fall after a husband/father is found in the snow outside his alpine chalet. This movie kept us second-guessing all the way through.



Curtis Stone's charred corn salad

This is a fresh and moreish salad, and it’s terrific with some grilled meat or fish - or as a thing on its own.


Smashed broccoli aioli
Instagram - Cook.Vegetarian

Want something green to go with  your chips? Go no further than this smashed broccoli with a white bean aioli. It was yum and felt like a healthy choice... 


Baked camembert
Good Food

Camembert is already good, but baked camembert is something else. Leveling it up requires next to no effort and the pay-off is big.


Spicy Asian Zucchini
RecipeTin Eats

We always eat this when we’re out so we hunted down a recipe that comes close to recreating the magic. Better yet, it’s super easy and doesn’t require many ingredients.


Slow-roasted lamb shoulder
Cumulus Inc

It isn't a quick make, but it's time rather than effort that you have to invest in. Our favourite thing about it is that it feeds a crowd, or it gives you plenty of leftovers for sandwiches and salads.


Turkish yoghurt cake
Best Recipes

There is a lot to love about a yoghurt cake, it's simple, lemony and cheesecake-like and only requires 5 ingredients (plus cream and berries to serve).




It handles anything from chilli to garlic, and the sell is that it has the capacity to do it all in one. And it’s a bit of fun to use…

Aussie wool

Aussie Wool Comfort

They produce high-quality and comfortable quilts, linen and homewares - and with the seasonal change on the horizon, why not get stocked up.


Cushy Sofa Bed

One team member has tried and tested the Koala Cushy Sofa Bed and says it does both the sofa and bed functions well. And furniture that doesn’t break the bank is more than ok with us…