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This week's topic: A reporter's perspective on the Israel-Gaza war

Club Picks:

This article that was written by Adam himself. He talks about it in the podcast because it was published 24 hours after the 7 October attack.

He also discusses CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, one of the only reporters who has been able to enter Gaza without an escort. Here is a piece she produced after doing so.

Adam recommends this podcast by Yonit Levi of Israel’s Channel 12 News and Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian - 2 prominent journalists - called Unholy: Two Jews on The News.

Finally, Adam pointed us in the direction of 3 books called ‘Jerusalem’ as background to a city he and so many others love:

  • Simon Montefiore’s biography Jerusalem*
  • Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collin’s O! Jerusalem*, which covers the events surrounding the creation of the state
  • And Ottolengi’s famous Jerusalem cookbook*

*Purchase using this link, and we may earn a little commission

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Friday Lites - 3 things we liked this week

A Lehrmann case explainer, a new British crime drama, and sweet ideas for using up zucchinis…

If you’re still trying to digest the “omnishambles” that was the Bruce Lehrmann defamation case, ABC’s intellect-at-large Annabel Crabb has written a piece on how Justice Michael Lee managed to find truth, fairness and reason in a messy situation. 

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19 April 2024

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