News Club / 30 April 2024

The weighty issue of Ozempic

Club Picks:

This podcast on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program includes an interview with podcaster Claire Murphy. She was on Ozempic for weight loss so there’s that perspective, but also helps explain what the drug is and how it’s available in Oz. 

The invention of these drugs has had – and will continue to have – economic impacts. This episode of The Economist’s Money Talks podcast goes through that, and the industry that’s booming off the back of them. 

You can’t go far in this discussion without mentioning Oprah Winfrey… The US multi-media legend has had a decades-long struggle with her weight, and last year she revealed she’s had success with these drugs (while not naming what she’s been on…). She’s even made a show about it – it doesn’t look like it’s been released in Australia but a clip of what Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution is about is here

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