/ 27 August 2021

Moving through the COVID agenda


Take 3 of the week’s biggest issues, package ‘em up for discussion in one meeting with federal, state and territory leaders, and what have you got? Today’s National Cabinet meeting…

First up is the modelling about what happens when restrictions are eased as vaccination rates increase. State/territory leaders are divided over whether COVID could be managed and lockdowns used sparingly once vaccination rates reached 70% and 80%, given recent outbreaks. The Doherty Institute – which is behind the model that led to a recent national agreement – will provide an update today. Next on the agenda: a proposal for vaccination passports. It’s the ‘document’ that could help fully-jabbed Aussies get access to restaurants, bars, sport, concerts and travel if governments go down that route. It’s something that’s already being used in places like France. Sprinting towards something like that is NSW with Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday announcing some freedoms for fully vaxxed people from next month.

Geez, we’re getting there… Vaccinating children between 12-15yo against COVID will also be up for discussion. The Sydney Morning Herald says students in Year 6 and above will be able to start booking vaccinations within weeks. Not feeling so patient: the Northern Territory. The number of children contracting the contagious Delta strain of COVID has climbed in recent weeks. While children are less likely to get seriously ill compared to older people, experts say they are good virus spreaders. Australia’s drug regulator has approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15yos, but PM Scott Morrison said he was waiting on final advice from the expert panel on vaccines, ATAGI. That’s also expected to drop today.

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