Squiz Quiz – 13 April 2024

1. Which country is the US, UK and Australia said to be considering as a new AUKUS member?

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JAUKUS, anyone?

2. What is the big change Qantas made to its frequent flyer program this week?

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"With almost 16 million members, Qantas’ annual offering of 5 million Classic Rewards seats just wasn’t meeting demand," noted The Australian.

3. Millions of North Americans witnessed a total solar eclipse this week - how long did it last?

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Heaps of schools closed because they didn't want to have to supervise kids looking directly at the sun...

4. Vice-Admiral David Johnston was named this week as our new Chief of the Defence in July - why is that notable?

ADF Chief David Johnston
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Johnston's long career with the Navy set sail in 1978. See what we did there?

5. The electors of the federal seat of Cook will vote in a by-election on Saturday. Who is the Liberal vacating the seat?

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The former PM resigned in January.

6. Which iconic character won’t be returning for the next instalment of Bridget Jones?

Working Title
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The movie will pick up with Bridget now a widow raising 2 small children after Mark Darcy is killed by a landmine in Sudan.

7. John Alfred Tinniswood is officially the oldest man alive at 111 years. What’s part of his secret for a long life?

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He says his weekly Friday night takeaway is part of his "everything in moderation" approach.

8. Which actor is tipped to play play Bruce Springsteen in a big new movie?

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The star of The Bear could become The Boss...

9. What did PM Anthony Albanese fess up to never trying?

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In an interview with ABC Radio, he said it's a "revolting habit".

10. A "less competitive" version is being made of what iconic board game?

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Apparently young people are "favouring teamwork and collaboration, working towards a fun goal together”. How much F-U-N…

Squiz Quiz - 13 April 2024

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