Squiz Quiz – 15 June 2024

1. Coalition leader Peter Dutton said he would put an energy policy to voters that…

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The Coalition has said that we need to overhaul how we power the nation, hence the focus on gas and nuclear.

2. What did Apple CEO Tim Cook announce this week at Apple's annual conference?

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It’ll see the generative AI software installed on iPhones and other Apple devices in its iOS 18 system update in late 2024.

3. Who made a guest appearance at this year’s G7 Summit in Italy?

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He will talk about global regulation of artificial intelligence, warning of its danger to ethics and human rights.

4. Chinese Premier Li Qiang lands in Australia this weekend. Where is his first visit?

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5. What happened in response to the last week's European parliamentary elections?

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This was after his side of politics took a significant hit to France's far-right National Party.

6. Which country is taking an extreme approach to combat ultra-fast fashion?

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They’re banning advertising and imposing a 10 Euro (about $16) penalty on every item sold.

7. What brekky food are we seeing limits placed on?

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Coles has announced a limit of 2 dozen eggs per customer after more cases of bird-flu have been identified.

8. What human behaviour have scientists found elephants do?

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It makes wild African elephants the only non-human animals known to do so.

9. What 90s/00s trend is causing havoc for people in the UK?

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It’s bursting through flowerbeds, floorboards and even in appliances, decades after it was planted… Yikes.

10. Which Aussie Olympic sports trials broke world records this week?

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It was a good week in the water for some Aussies.

Squiz Quiz - 15 June 2024

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