Squiz Quiz – 18 May 2024

1. Which minister delivered the 2024 Federal Budget?

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It's the responsibility of the Treasurer to deliver the government’s Budget address.

2. What was the top priority of the Albanese Government’s 2024 Budget?

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Helping Aussies with ongoing tough economic times was an important part in the government's pitch.

3. Opposition leader Petter Dutton responded by...

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It's looking unlikely that the Budget chat will end here...

4. Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt confirmed this week that Australia will be…

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He confirmed Australia’s live sheep export trade will end on 1 May 2028.

5. Slovakia's PM Robert Fico was in the news this week because...

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It's looking like he's going to be okay... Phew.

6. What did US President Joe Biden impose on China this week?

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This is in a bid to protect US jobs.

7. Which Aussie court case wasn’t in the news this week?

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Yeh… It’s been a big week for the courts.

8. This week it was confirmed that Australia will be hosting…

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The 12-nation tournament will be played in NSW, Queensland and Western Oz.

9. A Chinese zoo in the spotlight this week after...

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Officials claim they were clearly advertised as “panda dogs”...

10. Fashion enthusiasts confirmed that which jeans are trending right now?

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Think old-school military jodhpurs - tight on the lower leg and lots of volume for the thighs…

Squiz Quiz - 18 May 2024

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