Squiz Quiz – 20 April 2024

1. Which country followed through on threats of retaliation against Israel this week?

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It was the first time that Tehran has launched a direct military assault on Israel.

2. In Justice Michael Lee’s judgement in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case he favoured evidence from?

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Lee had issues with all of their evidence given to the court.

3. Following the stabbing at Wakeley’s Christ The Good Shepherd Church this week, NSW Premier Chris Minns called for?

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Minns called it a "combustible" situation, saying "I’m not going to sugarcoat it.”

4. The Solomon Islands held an election this week. Why is it a big deal?

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It's a tricky one - and the result won't be known for a few weeks...

6. The world’s largest democracy is headed to the polls this week. Which country are we referring to?

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Voting is set to last 44 days to give nearly a billion people the chance to have their say.

6. Which retailer didn’t make an appearance in the Senate committee inquiry into supermarket prices this week?

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Bunnings was there because they sell plants, and some suppliers aren't happy about how they do business.

7. Speculation arose this week that pointed to PM Anthony Albanese announcing changes to which policy?

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He says they intend to make student loans “simpler and fairer”.

8. How did the Devil's Comet get its nickname?

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Sunday night is when it’ll be closest to the sun/at its brightest... You may just need binoculars to see it.

9. This week the Bureau of Stats released data on the types of leisure activities Aussies enjoyed in 2020-21. What was the biggest takeaway?

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They (and particularly males) can't get enough.

10. Which music megastar dropped a new album this week?

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Well that's our weekend plans taken care of...

Squiz Quiz - 20 April 2024

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