Squiz Quiz – 4 May 2024

1. PM Anthony Albanese convened a national cabinet meeting this week to discuss what?

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It was a snap meeting to discuss the uptick in violence - with at least 28 Aussie women killed this year.

2. Following the meeting, PM Anthony Albanese announced measures to combat…

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Recognising the issue as “a national crisis”, the government has allocated nearly $1 billion in funding.

3. Where did protests over the war in Gaza break out in the US this week?

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The majority of protestors are calling for an immediate cease-fire.

4. Bonza left hundreds of Australians stranded this week and went into voluntary administration after what happened?

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Bonza chief operating officer Michael Young has vowed to 'fight on'.

5. King Charles was back in the headlines this week. Why?

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Just in time to celebrate one year on the throne...

6. A New York court fined Donald Trump this week for?

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He was fined US$9000 (A$13,842) for 9 online breaches of the order and threatened him with jail if he continued to flout the law.

7. What technology did the government invest close to $1 billion in?

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It’s said to solve problems faster than ordinary computers - and will lead to breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, EV car batteries and AI.

8. What new series did Airbnb launch this week?

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It consists of 11 bougie accommodation options inspired by the silver screen.

9. Which Aussie sporting legend joined the board of Netball Australia this week?

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Fans have welcomed the news with open arms.

10. Which state hosts the Million Dollar Fish competition?

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Nineteen-year-old Keegan Payne from Katherine was the first to win.

Squiz Quiz - 4 May 2024

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