Squiz Quiz – 6 July 2024

1. Which party won France’s National Assembly election?

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Tricky, huh... The second round of voting starts on Sunday, and results should be in on Tuesday our time.

2. According to a big poll out after last week's debate, most American's believe President Joe Biden…

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The poll by US television network CBS and YouGov reckon 72% of the country’s registered voters held this view.

3. How long did UK's Conservative Party hold government for?

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The UK has just voted in a change of government, and it's welcome to their new PM Sir Keir Starmer.

4. Why was Labor Senator Fatima Payman in the news this week?

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Who knows what comes next for the Palestine advocate...

5. Sam Mostyn - a prominent former businesswoman - became Governor-General this week. What has she advocated for in recent years?

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She says she will be an "optimistic, modern, and visible" GG.

6. Which regime didn’t change on 1 July this year?

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The 1st day of the new financial year is often a big one for government…

7. The latest report card on Australians' health was released this week. What was the main takeout?

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They say it’s partly due to the lingering impact of COVID.

8. Who is the latest politician to get a portrait to be hung in Parliament House?

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Fancy pants…

9. Why has McDonald's reverted to their old breakfast hours?

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Hashbrowns will still be available all day long… Phew.

10. A Brisbane wildlife park has banned cuddles with which iconic native animal?

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Ecologists say they are naturally solitary creatures and holding them can induce stress.

Squiz Quiz - 6 July 2024

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