Squiz Quiz – 8 June 2024

1. Donald Trump was found guilty in the 1st of how many criminal cases brought against him?

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And it was history making... Never before has an American president - past or present - been found guilty of a crime.

2. Which government department is responsible for reviewing the annual minimum wage?

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They announced the 2023/24 minimum annual wage would lift by 3.75%.

3. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was in the news this week after integrity boss John Dardo reported…

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In response, Bill Shorten confirmed more than 700 investigations are underway.

4. Greens leader Adam Bandt has threatened to sue Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus after?

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Bandt added that politicians “are not the victims” of this conflict.

5. Which country didn’t announce election results this week?

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It’s been a big week for democracy…

6. Why did the Elon Musk/eSafety Commission court battle come to an end?

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The court case suffered a number of setbacks, but she stands by her initial takedown order.

7. This week, President Joe Biden used his executive order to?

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The new limit will apply once a daily threshold of 1,500 migrants is reached.

8. Who is Alex ‘the Demon’ de Minaur’s mentor?

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We thought this was a bit of a fun fact.

9. Who is stealing eucalyptus seedlings at a nursery in Lismore, NSW?

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He’s not overly concerned though… he’s taken to stealing in the middle of the day, in front of staff.

10. Hector the dog won the 2024 Comedy Pet Photo Award for?

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It's just as cute as it is funny.

Squiz Quiz - 8 June 2024

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