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26 May 2021


Cryptocurrency is perhaps our most requested Shortcut to date. In this edition, we’ll help you get a sense of:

• how cryptocurrency became a thing,

• Bitcoin and its ups and downs,

• and the big names who are moving and shaking the market. 


Quirky News

A new Netflix series to binge, ‘invisible’ sunscreen, and the best melting moments

We’ve been pampered with sweet treats from our neighbours this week, but the icing on the cake were these lemon buttercream melting moments.

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S'Quiz Yourself

It's you versus the news in our weekly Squiz Quiz. Our money's on you...

What Christmas favourite is expected to be in short supply come December?

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Squiz The Day

25 September 2021

7.15pm (AEST) – AFL Grand Final – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs – Optus Stadium, Perth

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