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2023 Women and News Report

Welcome to the second Women and News Report by Squiz Media. 

In 2022, we looked at trust and attention and found high levels of pessimism, which led to news avoidance. 

This year, pessimism is still very high, but it means women are more inclined to seek high-quality news and information. They’re also more likely to consider the values of a brand - an important consideration given it’s women who are making the purchasing decisions in their households.

2022 Women and News Report

Getting and keeping the attention of audiences is increasingly competitive. We have media coming at us from every angle, at all hours of the day. On top of this, there is pessimism about the world following a period that has seen a global pandemic, war, issues with big tech, and concerns about the state of the environment.

Sentiment tells us this has led to news avoidance and that audiences are seeking out more positive ways to stay informed. To explore this, we have surveyed over 2,600 Aussie women on their media consumption to understand how they’re feeling about the news and the world. This report lifts the lid on what they trust, what they value and where their attention lies.

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