2022 Recipe Round Up

If there’s one thing we know about you lot it’s that you enjoy a good recipe recommendation. This suits us because we like giving them… Rounded up into one easy page, here’s what we were cooking in 2022.

Happy cooking! Tag @thesquiz if you try out one of the recipes, we’d love to see it...

Some Christmas inspiration…


Friends made this cheesy/bready taste sensation, baked it and served it before we'd even got started chatting. OMG it’s indulgent, but it’s so good… 

Get yourself a rolled loin roast, and take the advice of the cooking instructions from the experts to make sure you get that cracklin’ goodness. Don’t forget the apple sauce… 

This slow-roasted lamb recipe is so easy you almost feel embarrassed about the accolades that will come your way. Almost… PS a leg is also fine to use. 

We make this Asian-baked salmon dish at least once a year for Christmas or dinner parties - any occasion when we want to impress. After taking it out of the oven, we completely cover the salmon with chopped coriander, spring onions and fresh chilli. 

Dinner at a mate’s place introduced us to these grilled corn with miso mayo flavour bombs. So good, and super easy to make. 

Charred tomatoes with yoghurt - it’s also from Ottolenghi, and it’s so so good… 

And for something sweet, we absolutely recommend this banana, brandy and butterscotch trifle.

Fish, chicken and meat (aka the good stuff...)


Fancy fish fingers with a crispy coating, spicy tartare and green salad? Yes please. We’ll be dusting this one off for again over the break. From memory, we ditched the cornflakes and upped the panko crumbs, but you do you.

This fish pie rocks. We make it true to the recipe, but you can mix up the seafood - just go for 600-700 grams. Just don’t mess with the kipfler spuds.

This spiced baked fish/olive/tomato/rice recipe is fresh and filling, like The Squiz. 

Feel like easy-breezy chicken? Pair this recipe for chicken souvlaki with pita bread, halved cherry tomatoes, rocket and tzatziki.

For something a bit more substantial, this Coq au Riesling is so good and even better as leftovers. 

Beef tacos, yes please… This recipe is a notch above the supermarket-bought kit, but there are elements like store-bought shells/wraps. There's no need to be a martyr… 

And put these in ‘helpful’ file. These homemade sausage rolls are great for a double batch to freeze.

And this is for when it’s osso bucco time

Pasta me up


This is an easy/good-for-you recipe for a veggie ragu that ticks the new year’s resolution box.

A big hit this year with Team Squiz: Alison Roman’s caramelised shallot pasta

And a hit this year with Squizers was Rick Stein’s prawn linguini. So fresh and morish.



How about a 5-spice butternut pumpkin with cheesy custard? Before you recoil in horror, we can tell you hand-on-heart it's amazing. 

Mushrooms on toast make for a magic brunch or Sunday night dinner.

This was one of our fave vegetarian traybakes this year. It’s a hybrid of an eggplant moussaka and potato gratin = winning. 

Potato skins with garlicky cheese dip formed the centrepiece of our weekends during more weekends than they probably should have… 

This is a quick and flavourful one - puy lentils with bacon and Brussels sprouts. Top tip: we use the ‘French style lentils’ from the supermarket - don’t turn yourself inside out trying to find a packet with ‘puy’ on it. And we used red wine vinegar. 

On the subject of salads, rumours of actor/director Olivia Wilde’s famous salad dressing made headlines this year, and she kindly shared the recipe.

The sweet stuff

the 20212022 Recipe round up (2)

This year, we were introduced to the concept of the snacking cake, and this strawberry sheet cake converted us into devoted fans.

A longtime Squizer passed on this recipe - it’s a blueberry, almond and lemon cake. The recipe says it's still great after 3 days, but who has the willpower… 

Here’s our go-to lemon cake. You’re welcome. 

And how about this no-bake chocolate biscuit cake? Queen Elizabeth reportedly loved it so much that she ate a slice every day.

A shoutout for this scrummy orange cake by Helen Goh got a wave back from her on social media and we nearly died with delight. That just makes us love this cake even more. 

We were inspired by Camilla the Queen Consort to make this peach cobbler. Delicious and easier than pie.

And you’re going to want some ANZAC bickies, so here’s mum’s recipe.

We had a terrible case of the 3pm sugar craves this year. This raspberry jam/coconut slice got us through with a dose of nostalgia to boot.

For a dessert with a difference (or for brekkie - you do you…), these salted margarita bars help keep the party going. 

We love a savoury hit, and these cheese and garlic muffins are the best we’ve had.

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