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Friday Lites - 3 things we liked this week

Ask Ugly about beauty, a $6 billion gold scam and fancy beans on toast…

We would never refer to someone as “ugly” but you can Ask Ugly – aka beauty journo Jessica DeFino – for advice in The Guardian column which is fast becoming a fave… Her short, sharp advice is balanced and perfect for when you just need a quick answer…

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S'Quiz Yourself

Get your quiz on...

Reckon you the price tag on Indian couple Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s wedding celebrations? Have a crack at the Squiz Quiz.

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Squiz The Day

20 July 2024

10.00am (AEST) – Motorsport: Supercars Championship Sydney SuperNight (until 21 July) – Sydney

3.45pm (AEST) – Rugby Union: Men’s International, Australia v Georgia – Sydney

5.00pm (ACST) – Netball: Major semi final, Thunderbirds v Vixens – Adelaide

Colombia’s Independence Day 

International Chess Day

International Moon Day

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