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2023 Women and News Report

Back for the second year, our 2023 Women and News Report surveyed 3,400+ Aussie women on their news habits and consumption. This report lifts the slide on how they're feeling about the current state of the world, where their attention lies and their purchasing power.

The Voice Survey (16)

The Voice Referendum Research Report 2023

We surveyed over 2,200 people to get their take on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum. We asked them if they've figured out how they're voting yet, how they are finding the debate and media coverage, and where they are getting their information.


The Squiz 2023 Audience Survey

Over 4,300 people made time to take our annual audience survey. They went 30 questions deep on everything from who they are to how they feel about the brands we work with.


2022 Women and News Report

We surveyed over 2,600 Aussie women on their media consumption to understand how they’re feeling about the news and the world. This report lifts the lid on what they trust, what they value and where their attention lies.

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