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Here’s a look at some of the work we have done with our advertising partners.


Steve Blain, inventor of Tee Up Assist, has clinched the top spot and $50,000 as part of Uber’s Business Booster program. The idea: a golf product that helps those who struggle to bend over. Steve is one of 100 Uber drivers and delivery partners who were chosen to participate in a 12-week business masterclass. At the end of the program, the top 10 pitched for a piece of $100,000 in funding from Uber. Learn more about Uber’s Business Booster program here.

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To help raise funds ahead of the summer bushfire season, Uber and Australian Red Cross are calling on Aussies to donate their pre-loved clothes to charity. And they're helping make it easier to do so with the Uber x Red Cross Clothing Drive. This Saturday, 21 October, Aussies living in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth can book an Uber Package trip to have their donated items delivered to their local Red Cross Shop free of charge. Find out how to get involved here.



Uber and Rare Birds have revealed the winners of their inaugural Business Booster Live Pitch. Launched last year, the initiative celebrates Uber's driver and delivery partners with side hustles or who harbour business dreams. Among 2,000+ applicants, 100 were chosen for a 12-week master class to rev up their business skills. Then, 10 finalists graced the stage in Sydney, pitching for a cut of a $100,000 grant. Cue the Shark Tank vibes... You can check out the winners here.


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Uber is on a mission for zero emissions by 2040, and to help get there they’ve launched Uber Green. It means with no additional cost and similar wait times, when you book an Uber Green, you are guaranteed a trip in a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. One driver who could turn up in Brisbane is Sarah George. She’s been driving Uber for 7 years, and we chatted about her decision to go electric, how the charging thing works, and the unexpected way she spends her afternoons. You can listen here.



Since 2012, Uber has been at the forefront of the Australian gig economy, reimagining how people move through our cities, get meals delivered, and how hundreds of thousands of Aussies find flexible work. With the Australian Government considering reforms for the gig economy, Uber is keen to work with them to bring about sensible change. We chatted with Bec Nyst from Uber Eats Australia about Uber’s commitment to raising the bar for rideshare drivers and delivery people and why they say preserving flexibility is key. You can listen to that chat here.


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Uber has been doing research into Australians’ private car usage. Off the back of that, they’re running the One Less Car trial. It’ll see 50 Aussies give up their car, or second car, for four weeks and use alternative modes of transport. Kate chatted with Dom Taylor from Uber and Ben Carr from Lug and Carrie, one of Uber’s mobility partners running the trial. Listen to our chat to hear about the surprising stats about private car ownership in Australia, the data they’ll be collecting and how it will be used...



Over the last year, Uber Eats has seen consumer demand swell as people turned to delivery more than ever. Listen to our chat with Head of Restaurants for Uber Eats, Bec Nyst who shares insights into how her team is helping cafes and local businesses meet demand and explore new tech to diversify their offering. 


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Uber has done a whopping big survey - 20,000 respondents across Aus and NZ - to get a sense of what their drivers and delivery partners think is working, and what’s not in the gig economy. Listen to our chat with Amanda Gilmore, Head of Driver for Uber across ANZ, about the survey's findings, what that gig economy phrase is all about, why it’s great and what the challenges are.



Uber’s delivery business, which includes UberEats, saw 128% YoY growth from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020. There’s no doubt delivery is set to stay. With cycling is a popular mode through which online food delivery is facilitated - especially in our cities - Uber has partnered with not-for-profit, We Ride, to shape support for delivery cyclists. Listen to our chat with the Director of We Ride, Peter Bourke, about the partnerships and his plans to make cycling a big part of the future of our cities.



Governments have been talking about policies around electric vehicles for years now, it’s certainly a hot topic. We talk with Ashleigh Cormack from Uber about their plans to get more electric vehicles on the road and the barriers to doing so.

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