/ 31 May 2021

You know you’re really good mates with your neighbour when…

…winter’s here, and you’re off to see them in chilly Queenstown rather than asking them to come to your place in Cairns. Or Darwin. Or Broome. But that’s where PM Scott Morrison is with Kiwi leader Jacinda Ardern for the annual governmental get-together. No prizes for guessing what’s top of the agenda: dealing with China. It’s a tricky one because the Kiwis have taken a more conciliatory approach than Oz, but our neighbour yesterday said it will back us in our fight against China on barley exports. The pair will also talk about helping our tourism-dependent Pacific Island family weather the COVID storm. And they are likely to lock horns again on people New Zealand wants to see (resettling refugees) and those they don’t (deported Kiwis who Oz considers criminals). Formal talks start this morning.

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