/ 27 September 2023

Slither and sweat


If the threat of bushfires isn’t enough, there’s a snake-pocalypse on the way… According to snake catcher Sean Cade, the snakes of 2023 are “thicker… longer… more robust” and “a little bit more cranky, too”. He’s backed up by Dan Rumsey from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, who reckons he’s getting more callouts than usual. The general theory is that the mild winter meant more eating for the snake population, and now the coming hot spell is going to mean agitated snakes looking for shady places where humans also like to gather to cool down. Biologist Christina Zdenek said fatalities from snakes are “extremely rare” – but yikes… If you want to be super safe, Rumsey reckons a compression bandage is always good to have around. Speaking of warm weather, get ready for it Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Brissie – all 5 capital cities are forecast to have temperatures over 30C later this week. Darwin too, although that’s your regular shtick…

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