/ 14 March 2024

His heart will go on…

Image source: 20th Century Fox
Image source: 20th Century Fox

For reasons known only to himself, for over a decade Clive Palmer has been obsessed with his vision to create a replica of the Titanic, and despite several previous failed attempts, his ship-building persists… Hiring out a room at Sydney’s Opera House yesterday, the billionaire mining magnate/former politician announced a third plan to create Titanic II, promising it would be “far, far superior to the original Titanic”. He says the $1 billion vessel featuring “the highest level of luxurious comfort” will be a symbol of peace and a “ship of love” because the Titanic movie’s “love story of Rose and Jack … is one that touches the hearts of everybody” making it something that “needed to be built”. Just like Rose, Palmer will “never let go”

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