/ 29 February 2024

Keeping it in the family


Mike Burgess, the head of Australia’s spy organisation ASIO, has delivered some eye-opening news in his annual risk assessment. He says a former unnamed Australian politician was recruited by a foreign spy ring called the ‘A-Team’, and they were being paid for information. The pollie also offered to introduce the group to the then PM’s family, Burgess says. Members of the spy ring posed as consultants, officials and academics to Aussies in high places, offering thousands in exchange for sensitive information. Burgess said at least one politician “sold out their country, party and former colleagues to advance the interests of the foreign regime” – and they were caught. In the past, Burgess has pointed to far-right extremists as a major threat to Australia – and he says that is still the case. Last night he said there are concerns about the rise of nationalists seeking to incite a race war.

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