/ 09 November 2023

Preparing for all things bitey

toni-pomar-g2qLnqhBgSQ-unsplash (1)

Summer also means that more of us will be enjoying the great outdoors alongside many of our bitey/stingy fauna… So [drumroll…] you’ll be interested to know that it’s National Venomous Bites and Stings Day, and new research has found most Aussies are underprepared to deal with an encounter with critters like these creepy guys. Biotech/vaccine company CSL Seqirus says we’re not good at identifying the correct first aid steps for treating bites and stings. And 8% of parents said they felt very confident delivering first aid to their child if they had been bitten or stung – a 50% drop on 3 years ago. With more than 3,000 hospitalisations each year, experts say a little education will go a long way. Speaking of bitey things, South Korea now has a bed bug infestation after the blood-suckers made headlines in France. That’s too close to Oz for comfort…

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