/ 29 June 2022

Making a lot of Census


Australia – there’s more of us, and we’re more diverse than ever. And for the first time, the Bureau of Stats has asked about long-term health conditions. There were 3 that more than 2 million people said that they had: 2.2 million people said they had a mental health condition, 2.1 million said they had arthritis, and 2 million people had asthma. Why it’s important that the Census picked it up is it will be possible for health researchers to analyse where/if there are hotspots and if it’s relevant for preventing/managing conditions. Our quirky data pick: 456,543 people aged between 25-34yo live with their parents – an increase of almost 17% since 2016. And a hat tip to the ABS marking the start of Wimbledon… They noted that Victoria has more tennis coaches than any other state – all 921 of ‘em.

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