/ 23 February 2024

Rethinking the recorder


No matter where you grow up, it seems no one is spared the horror of experiencing the inaccurate screeching of a recorder – but there is a growing movement of people who want us to find a new love for the much-maligned instrument… Music educators say it “helps develop coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills” and familiarises students with “melody and pitch, and with breathing techniques”. Another plus is that recorders are super cheap, costing as little as $5. But therein lies another issue – experts reckon the inexpensive plastic ones can’t produce the beautiful notes of a wooden version… And it probably doesn’t help that most recorded music is either classical or old-school rock – which is not exactly what the kids listen to. That’s why one comedian has taken it upon himself to make the recorder cool. Good luck with that…

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