/ 05 April 2024

That lean, mean green

Image source: Envato
Image source: Envato

New data from the Bureau of Stats shows household spending has jumped 3.6% compared to a year ago. Every state saw an increase, but South Oz dug deepest into their wallets, shelling out an extra 7.9%. The ABS says it follows “increases of 1.2% in December and 2.9% in January”. But, it’s not because we’re having a knees-up down the shops – we’re paying more for essentials with non-discretionary spending rising by 6.9%, which the ABS says highlights a “shift in consumer behaviour” due to cozzie livs. Transport costs increased the most at 12.3%. Spending on discretionary goods/services fell 0.2%, but if you’ve saved up for a holiday, you might need a re-think as Balinese authorities have taken to enforcing a $15 per person tourist tax introduced in Feb…

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