/ 09 December 2022

First half of Harry & Meghan doco drops


Harry & Meghan finally released its hotly anticipated first 3 episodes on Netflix overnight, and the reaction has been… instant. Trailers referring to a “war against Meghan” and Prince Harry speaking of the “dirty game” amped up anticipation, but reports have been quick to point out that no “bombshell” claims have been made yet. The couple hasn’t shied away from discussing race issues… Viewers got an inside look into the clandestine early days of their relationship and some racially-tinged media responses to news of their engagement. There’s also been confusion over whether the Royal Family was approached – the doco says Royal reps refused to respond to requests, but Buckingham and Kensington palaces say they were never asked… Netflix has weighed in, saying the King’s office was contacted directly. It raises questions about whether the couple will be invited to Charles’ coronation… At least it can’t take the shine off his new currency.

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