/ 05 April 2024

Cicada-geddon is coming

US cicada

If a trip to the US is more your thing, brace yourself… Scientists say red-eyed periodical cicadas – aka “evolution’s bizzarro wonders” – are about to emerge in their trillions from the ground in a couple of American states. That could be the greatest number of the bugs in centuries and follows a similar numbers boom in Oz. Even more alarming if you’re bug-averse is the fact that cicadas’ “urine flow rates” are stronger/faster than humans, and even elephants… In the Amazon, researchers noted something they refer to as “weeping trees” – the visible running liquid there is actually cicada wee. Eww… That’s because cicadas are thirsty critters, spending their lives drinking – “a hard way to make a living”, entomologist Carrie Deans reckons. And look, we haven’t even touched on their “sexually transmitted zombie disease” – we’ll leave that with you for a bit of light weekend reading…

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