/ 03 October 2023

More cheese, please

Image: Alexander Maasch via Unsplash
Image: Alexander Maasch via Unsplash

File this one next to the revelation that chocolate is good for you… New research reckons the snack of champions – cheese – has some gouda health benefits. To help you brie-lieve it, a study from Japan’s National Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology looked at 1,500 people over the age of 65yo and found that those who ate cheese scored better on average in cognitive tests than those who didn’t. It’s not confirmed, but the researchers say cheese might contain nutrients that support cognitive function. And more feta-tastic news – lower Body Mass Index/blood pressure and faster walking speeds were also hallmarks of the cheese lovers who participated. But as with most things, experts say moderation is key – cheese is high in saturated fats that can increase cholesterol, but a certain amount of it is necessary. And now the disappointing news – just 30-50g a day is what the experts say to aim for…

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