News Club / 04 April 2024

The high cost of hosting sports events

Club Picks:

Want a presentation with arrows? You got it… This link takes you to the International Olympic Committee’s thinking on the expense of hosting the Games and how they’re trying to solve it. 

Some analysis from John Verano from Oxford Uni on the risk and reward of hosting the Olympics, and why emerging nations/those with reputation problems are willing to pay the price. 

And what’s happening with the Brissie Olympics? The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age’s Chris Barrett looks at the money and the people involved in deciding how to pull it off. 

Melburnians are no strangers to the cost-benefit discussion around big sporting events… This article by Chip Le Grand in The Age dives into the economics of the Australian Grand Prix, an event which has been angering/delighting locals since 1996. 

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