/ 26 March 2024

A Canadian cat-astrophe


A Canadian man who took in abandoned cats during the COVID-19 pandemic has had to call a rescue shelter for help after he became “overwhelmed” as he ended up with nearly 300 felines. A shelter worker said “They just kept multiplying. One cat can have 3 litters in a year.” Bruce Robinson from British Columbia says he was struggling to cope financially with the 298 cats – 15 of which were pregnant – and often had to skip meals to pay thousands of dollars for their 28kg of food a day and provide clean litter in their 10 trays. Despite the huge number, Robinson says they all had names, and he loved “every one of them” but admitted he’d “ended up in a crazy situation”. Shelter staff are working hard to re-home the animals and say the cats are in purrfect health, which is “quite shocking, actually.” At least that’s pawsitive…

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