/ 27 September 2023

A yoghurt a day keeps the garlic breath at bay, the biggest day on the calendar for stone skimmers, and Tesla’s humanoid robot picks up a new hobby…


Have a hot date and need a quick fix for garlic breath? A new study has found that having a spoon of yoghurt as soon as you eat garlic will keep the stank at bay. Non-dairy types can also try munching on some raw apple, mint, or lettuce. Bags not breath-testing you… 

Adding to the list of things we didn’t know existed until now: the World Stone Skimming Championships. They took place in Scotland over the weekend for the first time since 2019, and it’s so very wholesome.

About a year ago, electric vehicle maker Tesla unveiled its prototype humanoid ‘Optimus’ robot that Elon Musk admitted was just “a guy in a suit”. It was a hoot. And in a new update, Optimus can now do yoga

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