/ 05 September 2023

Beating Barbie at her own game, baby talking to your pooch, and the world’s oldest chicken…

Image: by Jamie Street on Unsplash

An Essex woman may have out-Barbied Barbie with a hot pink real-life Barbie dream home. She renovated the “sanctuary of self-expression” in 2009, beating this year’s Barbie craze by 14 years. Speaking of winners – the Barbie film is officially the highest-grossing movie this year.

If you’ve ever been ridiculed for speaking to your pooch in a high-pitched voice, science has your back. Researchers have found that dogs show more brain activity in their auditory cortex – meaning their brains light up – when we speak to them with exaggerated voices.

And the avian world has a new champ… Peanut the bantam hen has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living chicken at 21yo. What a crackin’ achievement.

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