/ 31 March 2021

Ever Given unstuck but not unscathed

The Ever Given mega-ship may have been freed with the help of a ‘Worm moon’ and dragged to the Suez Canal’s Great Bitter Lake to think about its life choices, but the saga lives on as the process kicks off now to understand the fallout from the ship’s wedging. The blockage led to a major traffic jam in one of the world’s most important waterways, with billions of dollars worth of goods at a standstill for a week, costing the canal $18-19.5 million every day. Now teams are set to investigate how it happened. Panama will handle it unless Egypt exercises its right to take over, though international pressure could lead to the US National Transportation Safety Board stepping in. Investigation or not, the head of the canal authority Osama Rabie has already reached one conclusion – “the Suez Canal is not at fault,” he said.

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