/ 26 September 2023

Some out-of-place flamingos, an out-of-place bride, and a not-so-out-of-place decision…

Five Flamingos have turned up in Wisconsin… The flamboyant pink birds can be found in a band from northern South America to Florida, and where they’ve been found is way up near the Canadian border… Experts reckon Hurricane Idalia has knocked ‘em off course.

A stranded bride has been picked up (in a good way) and taken to the church in time for her wedding after the classic car she was travelling in broke down. Sharon Travers from Aberdeen in Scotland says she was lucky – but geez, it sounds like a scene from a quaint BBC series…

And Logan Roy (aka Brian Cox) has finally had his say about Rupert Murdoch’s decision to hand the running of his media empire to son Lachlan and wonders if the decision to pull the trigger was prompted by the show. One thing he wouldn’t bite on is who Lachlan’s equivalent is – Kendall, Roman or Connor?

And if you want to get across that big media move, our latest Squiz Shortcut out this morning takes you through Rupert Murdoch’s rise and what Lachlan has ahead of him.

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