/ 13 March 2024

Sucker bum squid, a bog roll spill, and the comfiest undies around…

toilet rolls

It’s Japanese sucker bum squids’ time to shine, with scientists closely monitoring coral reefs for evidence of the tiny critters. They’re notable for their martial arts moves to hunt and wrestle much larger shrimp, and scientists say their presence is “a sign that the ecosystem is healthy”.

There’s been a spill on California’s Interstate 5 – a toilet paper spill, that is. Boxes of bog roll fell off a truck, with Highway Patrol officers called to unclog the multi-lane highway after the rolls caused it to get a bit backed up… 

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering through the ladies’ underwear department in bewilderment, Aussie fashionistas have given their reccos on the best (and comfiest) pairs on offer. Or you could follow Emily Blunt’s Oscars dress lead with a decorative pair

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