/ 30 October 2023

The cat v dog debate rages, snakes on the loose in Sssydney, and a pooch named Hope returns home

Image source: iStock
Image source: iStock

You say you’re a cat person, but are you willing to fork out as much as a dog owner? A new study indicates that dog parents are slightly more likely to pay for things like pet insurance and life-saving treatments. Fido can breathe easy, but Mr Muffins, you’re on your own…

Police in Sydney have charged a man for releasing his ex-girlfriend’s 2 pet pythons on the street during their break-up. Bagel and Mango are still missing, so if you’re in Coogee, keep your eyes peeled…

And a New York animal control officer has been arrested after selling a Yorkie who had been found wandering the streets and then telling her owners she’d died. Police say ‘Hope’ was treated “very well” by her adoptive family – but has now been reunited with her owners.

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