/ 19 September 2023

Tourists search for a non-existent town, Gen Z sets a new sartorial standard, and the UK is losing pubs…

Image: The New Atlas of Australia via Wikimedia Commons
Image: The New Atlas of Australia via Wikimedia Commons

Tourists are looking to visit Agnes Bluff, the outback town Amazon Prime’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is set in… Google searches for the scenic spot rose 1,640% in July-August and another 40% in September. The only problem? It doesn’t exist

Why wear a tie, even if you’re a politician? That’s the message from Gen Z politicians in the US (and at least one Aussie politician…) as the younger generation dresses down to project authenticity. Just get ready for more pollies in white sneakers and bomber jackets

Pub culture and the UK go hand-in-hand, but that is under threat. Data shows England and Wales are losing 2 pubs daily due to rising costs and redevelopment. It’s probably important to note they still have about 39,400 pubs between them…

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