/ 04 September 2023

Where’s my guitar? And my tortoise…

Old black and white photo of Paul McCartney with a Hofner guitar

Tennessee’s Tami Manis hasn’t trimmed her mane for 33 years, and it’s paid off… Manis has been crowned a Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest mullet on a female. She said she was inspired years ago by a local who had a rat tail – “I really wanted one of those.”

German instrument manufacturer Höfner wants anyone who might know the whereabouts of a bass guitar used by Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney to, ahem, Twist and Shout… The guitar was used on that track, along with Love Me Do and She Loves You, but hasn’t been seen for 50+ years. They’re hopefully gonna find her

Someone who has been found is Biscuit, the 100yo tortoise… The adventurous centenarian escaped his Louisiana family’s backyard after a storm blew a broken gate open, and was rescued after going for a dip in a local canal. Biscuit’s owner says fixing the gate is #1 on the to-do list…

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