Squiz Quiz – 25 May 2024

1. What does the International Criminal Court chief prosecutor want to give Israel and Hamas’ leaders?

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Netanyahu expressed his “disgust”, and Hamas said the prosecutor was equating “the victim with the executioner."

2. UK PM Rishi Sunak held a press conference this week and…

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It will be held on 4 July 2024.

3. Which Aussie company announced it would axe 2,800 jobs this year?

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The cuts total about 9% of Telstra’s workforce.

4. What was detected in Australia this week?

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Farmers have been told to maintain strong biosecurity practices and look out for symptoms.

5. The government announced it will stop compounding pharmacies from making...

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This is following some reported nasty side effects from the off-brand products.

6. What promotion added to US restaurant chain Red Lobster's large debt?

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Some analysts say it wasn’t all the crustaceans’ fault…

7. The Oxford Economics 2024 Global Cities Index ranked which Aussie city number 2 for quality of life?

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It was down to Canberra’s high incomes/low levels of income inequality, good healthcare facilities and long life expectancy.

8. A modest taco stand in Mexico City made international headlines this week after?

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El Califa de León has become the first of its kind to bag a hat.

9. What are experts calling careless AI-generated web pages and images?

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They say AI-generated content that hasn't been through any quality control is the the equivalent of spam.

10. What has been ranked the most confusing emoji?

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People aren't too sure whether it's just nail-polish or means something more...

Squiz Quiz - 25 May 2024

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