/ 02 March 2023

A new spin on time and space

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

What time is it on the moon, do you think? It’s not something we’ve thought much about either, but we’re not trying to coordinate multiple lunar missions across international space agencies and private players… That imperative has opened up the discussion on the benefits of establishing a common time to get everyone with lunar ambitions on the same page. Currently, each mission uses the time zone of the nation managing it. And yes, it’s ultimately linked to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that we are bound to on Earth, but it’s not like the destination having its own timezone – something the European Space Agency says will help space travellers communicate and navigate. And while time is universal, the next question is who will establish and maintain it? Whomever it is, our money’s on it being inconvenient for Aussies hoping to tune into the moon’s big live broadcast events because we always get the rough end of that pineapple…

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