/ 09 February 2021

Apropos of nothing – sport edition

Every year the Super Bowl provides an embarrassment of riches, and this year is no different… To the show first, and The Weeknd received mixed reviews – you can judge for yourself here. Critics aside, there was one mum who appreciated the social distancing elements

And the mega line up of the year’s best TV ads. At US$5.5 million/30 seconds, it would want to be special… Our picks: Will Ferrell‘s Nordic navigation was a bit off; Sesame Street has come a long way on its commercial journey; the son of Edward Scissorhands and Winona Ryder are living their best lives. And our favourite – a 5-second effort from Reddit.

And to the Oz Open – with line umpires relegated to the pre-COVID era, an amped-up version of Hawk-Eye is adjudicating the close calls. And it will be the voice of 8 everyday Aussie heroes – volunteers and first-line responders – who will announce the “fault” or “out” calls. Nice touch.

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