Squiz Today / 30 July 2018

Squiz Today – Monday, 30 July


“£1,000,000 to £1,500,000”

That's how much the Queen's vintage Rolls Royce is expected to go for when it's auctioned in September even though it doesn't have a built-in bar like Princess Margaret's model. Sometimes you can’t have everything…


Following the citizenship cluster-disaster in May that forced the polls, at the end of a nine-week-long campaign, and after significant funds spent by the electoral commission and the candidates, electors have delivered the same result they voted for at the last election. Bill Shorten’s Labor held their four seats leaving PM Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition disappointed. But make no mistake, despite the status quo emerging on Saturday night, things have changed.

We like the way you think.

Longman, Queensland – Labor’s Susan Lamb held her seat and upped her margin. It was the Coalition’s best chance to win a seat from the opposition and break 100 years of by-election history but Labor recorded a strong win.

Braddon, Tassie – Labor’s Justine Keay won with little shift on last election’s result. The Coalition had hoped to upset Labor, but preferences from newcomer/independent/fisherman Craig Garland got Keay over the line.

Mayo, SA – Centre Alliance member Rebekha Sharkie retained her seat with an increased margin. And it got ugly with Liberal candidate Georgina Downer’s father, former MP Alexander Downer, alleging abuse from Sharkie supporters. Still, Downer says she’ll be back next year.

Fremantle and Perth, WA – Labor retained the seats easily. Fremantle’s Josh Wilson had a +11% swing towards him. And in Perth, new member Patrick Gorman pulled Labor’s vote up by +2%. The Liberals didn’t run in either.

In emoticon-speak:

1. Bill Shorten’s now sitting pretty as Labor leader. Team Turnbull had positioned the by-elections in Longman and Braddon as a test of his leadership. He passed. (Smiley face Shorten. Sad faces Turnbull and Anthony Albanese.)

2. Which leaves the Coalition to ponder missed opportunities. They were out-campaigned and out-spent by Labor and the unions. And there's some soul-searching to be done on their policy priorities. Corporate tax cuts, we're pointing at you. Pie-gate wouldn’t have helped… (Love heart eyes ACTU. Crying face Business Council of Australia.)

3. The polls got it wrong in the lead up to by-election day. It seems there’s a disconnect between what voters say, and what they do. (Thinking face.)

What a time to be alive (wide-eyes face)…


LOMBOK EARTHQUAKE – The northern part of the Indonesian tourist haven was hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake yesterday morning that killed at least 14 people and injured hundreds. The quake was felt in Bali, but no damage or injuries were recorded.

FLOODING IN INDIA – At least 58 people have died in monsoon rains that have caused buildings to collapse and flooding across northern India, particularly in Agra. More rain is expected.

CALIFORNIAN FIRE - Six people have died (including two kids and their great-grandmother), and 17 people are missing in northern California. At least 500 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. Reports say the fire was started by a malfunctioning car.

TYPHOON HITS JAPAN – Torrential rains and high winds hit central and western Japan, and heavy rain is expected to follow. No deaths have been recorded.

It’s the first election in 37 years not to have former leader/dictator Robert Mugabe at the head of the ticket. Speaking of the nonagenarian, Mugabe has given his first press conference since being forced from office to say he will not be supporting the party he founded. Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa (75yo) faces off against Nelson Chamisa (40yo). Both are promising transformation and a freer/fairer country. But there are questions about how free and fair the election will be. Others hope it will heal divisions.

And then some… Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno wants the Aussie WikiLeaker Julian Assange out of his London embassy. But Moreno first wants to know his long-time houseguest will stay alive. Assange will almost certainly be arrested by UK authorities and extradited to the US where he potentially faces the death penalty. “All we want is the guarantee that his life will not be in danger,” Moreno said. And maybe a thank you card for their hospitality.

Welsh rider Geraint Thomas has won his first Tour de France after more than 83 hours in the saddle (83h 13’ 13” to be exact…). He beat Dutchman Tom Dumoulin by one minute 51 seconds, and compatriot Chris Froome came in third. The win is the sixth by a Brit in the last seven years. The Team Sky rider was emotional on the penultimate day when it became clear the title would be his. "The last time I cried was when I got married," he said. Aww…

A legend of Britain’s Air Transport Auxiliary, the former WWII pilot has died at 101yo. Ellis’ job in the ATA (where she and her female colleagues were known as Attagirls) was to deliver warplanes from their factories to service ready airman. In total, she flew more than 1,000 warplanes (of 76 types) to more than 200 British airfields from 1942 to the end of the war in 1945. Ellis recalled an incident where she was flying next to a Nazi plane, and the pilot waved at her. "I wondered if it was my blonde curls that caused him to stare as I never ever wore a helmet during my whole career with the ATA. What was the point of a helmet when we couldn’t speak to anyone? It didn’t do much for the hairstyle either.” What a woman.


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