Squiz Today / 09 April 2019

Squiz Today – Tuesday, 10 April


“Snake's 'boyfriend’ leads hunters to largest python in Florida Everglades”

That’s quite a headline… The eradication program for the introduced species involves putting a tracker on the bloke snakes who then lead hunters to the breeding females. On this occasion, the hapless ‘boyfriend’ gave up the whereabouts of his five-metre, 63kg Burmese lady python containing 73 eggs. What a snake…


What do we want? A quick look at the two prominent protests yesterday. When do we want it? Well, now seems like a pretty good time…

Which is not something we've heard you say before... A hundred animal rights protesters took to the streets of central Melbourne yesterday morning to disrupt traffic at the peak of the morning commute. A smaller group chained themselves together at the entrance of the Melbourne Aquarium. Activists also targeted farmers and abattoirs in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Their aim? To achieve a ‘vegan world’ where animals aren’t exploited. Farmers and politicians criticised the protestors for being “unAustralian”, and nearly 50 of them were arrested across the protest sites. Reports say there might be further protests in Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart later this week.

Anti-Adani protestors interrupted PM Scott Morrison several times with the chant "climate election, no more coal" as he addressed a gathering of business leaders in Brisbane. The background is:

• The development of a big coal mining operation in Queensland’s Galilee Basin by Indian miner Adani has been a contentious issue for years.

• And now, it seems that Federal Environment Minister, the ‘besieged’ Melissa Price, might make the current government's last big decision. That’s because the final environmental sign-offs are pending with Price "going through the proper process," according to senior ministers, despite threats from a colleague.

• It’s also of interest because there are no guarantees Labor would approve the Adani mine in government - but leader Bill Shorten says he won’t overturn any previous decisions if he becomes PM.

It’s a nail-biter to watch out for this week…



PM Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a third consecutive term (and fifth in total): a record-breaking effort that is under a cloud. Emerging centrists, the Blue and White alliance, formed by two former military chiefs and a former TV anchorman, is doing better than Netanyahu’s right-leaning Likud party in the opinion polls. And Netanyahu is also facing serious corruption charges. But given government in Israel has always been formed by coalitions, pundits say it’s more likely that Netanyahu will be able to pull it together than his opponents. More than six million Israelis will vote today with the ongoing conflict with Palestine expected to be a top of mind issue.


You'd have to be living on the moon not to know that border control issues are a big deal for the Trump Administration. As a candidate, US President Donald Trump campaigned on his commitment to building a wall along the border with Mexico - a theme that's continued into the White House. So can you imagine being the head of the government department charged with implementing his vision? Kirstjen Neilsen will soon be able to put the experience in the rear-vision mirror with news she is leaving her post. Reports say she went into a meeting with Trump on Sunday night with her job and left without it with reports saying the President is frustrated at the slow rate of progress on his agenda. Other Homeland Security figures, including the head of the Secret Service, are also said to be on the chopping block.

And while we have you… The US has declared Iran’s elite military force, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, a foreign terrorist organisation. It is the first time the US has given another nation's military the label.


The Nine-aligned property advertising business had a tough Monday. With its share price down more than 7% yesterday, the market darling found itself in unfamiliar negative territory. The drop was sparked by Macquarie Wealth Management giving it a poor report card. And that's because the property market, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, isn't getting the number of listings it has had in months gone by. Macquarie says Domain's listings were down almost 19% in February. Domain already reported a $156.4 million first-half loss in February. Yet another consideration in the property price downturn…


The 84th case of measles for 2019 was confirmed yesterday leading health experts to warn the highly contagious disease could take hold here. For comparison, 103 cases were recorded in 2018 and 81 for 2017. NSW Health’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty said it’s unvaccinated travellers who are bringing it to Oz and unknowingly spreading it around. Wondering if you and yours are ok? The word is:

• People born in Australia before 1966 likely have a natural immunity to measles.

• Anyone born after that who is unsure if they have had two doses of the vaccine can check the Australian Immunisation Register. Otherwise, visit a GP for a free vaccination.

• And babies headed overseas can be given one measles shot from nine months old, instead of at 12 months old, as scheduled.


When Xi Jinping became China’s forever leader last year with his doctrine elevated to the level of Community Party legend Mao Zedong, it was quite a thing. This article on the steps the party is taking to ensure Xi’s word is spread and understood by the children and workers of China is a good read. There’s an app for everything…


ABS Data Release - Lending to households and businesses February; Building Approvals, February

Wedding anniversary for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (2005)

Anniversary of the birthday of Fred Hollows (1929)

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