Squiz Today / 10 October 2018

Squiz Today – Wednesday, 10 October


“I’m not a big karaoke guy but when pressed it’s Chisel or Working Class Man.”

For someone who says they're not that into it, the Courier-Mail's national affairs editor Dennis Atkins certainly dials it up when it's his turn with the mic. A foodie, music fan, and one of Australia’s most respected journos, we’re chuffed Dennis is a Squiz fan - and that he had time for a Three Minute Squiz.


World leaders and international media are pressuring Saudi Arabia to provide proof that missing writer Jamal Khashoggi did, in fact, leave the Saudi consulate in Istanbul after an appointment last week and has not been ‘disappeared’ as many – including his fiancé - believe. US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have expressed their concern for the safety of the Saudi national.

• Khashoggi (pronounced kah-SHO-gee) was visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain a document certifying he was divorced so that he could marry his Turkish fiancé, Hatice Cengiz. Before going in, he told her to call an adviser to President Erdogan if he did not return.

• Security cameras recorded him go in, but not leaving the consulate. Turkish officials believe he was killed by a team of 15 Saudis who travelled to Istanbul on the day of his disappearance.

• They also think his body has been removed, although no evidence has been tendered to support the claim. Others say he could have been abducted and returned to Saudi Arabia to face retribution or be held under indefinite house arrest.

• Turkey says it will search the consulate. Saudi Crown Price Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said they are welcome because there is nothing to hide.

• It’s added to the friction between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And Saudi dissidents living abroad worry it’s another example of how their government can reach them anywhere.

• A writer - Khashoggi is a well-regarded writer and high-profile critic of the Saudi crown prince. And he’s not a nobody – he has more than 1.6 million Twitter followers and had been writing for the Washington Post opinion section. He left Saudi last year for America when it became clear he could not safely voice his concerns while remaining there.

• A friend – His mates say he worked tirelessly “to promote civilised, humane values.” He was also close to Osama bin Laden back in the 80s when the budding terrorist was more concerned about Afghanistan’s war against Russia.

• A fiancé – He met Hatice Cengiz in May, and the pair quickly fell in love, she says. She waited for 11 hours outside the consulate for his return and became more frantic as the hours passed. “I am not giving up hope,” she said.


And they were ‘glowing’. A crowd of more than 1,000 used lights and torches in an attempt to obscure the effect of the barrier draw for The Everest horse race being displayed on the iconic sails. Radio host Alan Jones said the protestors moves were “childish” when he found time to put his ringing phone down after The Chaser had a bit of fun.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has resigned. Not because she has an issue with President Trump or because she plans to challenge him to become the Republican presidential candidate for the 2020 election, she says. And not because there are any personal reasons – just that it was time. Haley has been one of the most visible faces of the Trump administration and had a tough gig presenting the President’s agenda to the international community in a forum he doesn’t much support.

Some updates on recently covered news:

SULAWESI QUAKE TOLL PASSES 2,000 – And as many as 5,000 are missing. Despite the scale of the tragedy and task that lies ahead, Indonesia has asked independent foreign aid workers to leave the area.

SORRY, JUSTICE KAVANAUGH – President Trump yesterday apologised to newly-installed US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for having to endure the confirmation process. Trump said Kavanaugh had been “proven innocent” of the accusations of assault and misconduct made by women who knew him when he was young. For his part, Kavanaugh has hired an all-female team.

AGED CARE INQUIRY DEETS - Lynelle Briggs (the former Public Service commissioner and Medicare boss) and Joseph McGrath (previously the WA Director of Public Prosecutions and Supreme Court judge) will lead the Royal Commission. PM Scott Morrison yesterday also announced the terms of reference (the focus is quality and safety), timeline (they have 18 months) and location (it will be based in Adelaide with hearings around the country).

Lashed by the Banking Royal Commission for being motivated by greed, there are moves afoot to change the way financial institutions manage dead customers’ estates to ensure they are not charged ongoing fees for services they (clearly) have not received. "This announcement will put beyond a shadow of a doubt that this practice has no place in Australia's banking industry," said Banking Association boss Anna Bligh.

The International Monetary Fund says it’s worried about the escalating trade war between the US and China. Long story short, a full-blown brouhaha would make the world a "poorer and more dangerous place", it says. And it would be harmful for Australia because it will chill our warming economic growth. It's also tricky for us because (sing along if you remember the words…) the US is our biggest strategic ally and China is our biggest trade partner.

#HimToo seen a mother put her son in a difficult spot. And it's generated some browse-worthy memes that will help you over the midweek hump.


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World Mental Health Day

Fiji National Day

Anniversary of the Beach Boys' release of Good Vibrations

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