/ 09 November 2023

9 November 2023

19 NOV - 2023-11-08T175049.988

ABS Data Release – Monthly Business Turnover Indicator, September; Public sector employment and earnings, 2022-23

Company Results – NAB; Xero

Company shareholder meeting – Nine Entertainment; Star Entertainment; Myer Holdings

Cambodia’s Independence Day

International Day of Radiology

World Adoption Day

World Quality Day

National Venomous Bites and Stings Day

A birthday for Delta Goodrem (1984)

Anniversary of:
• Napoleon Bonaparte becoming the dictator of France under the title of First Consul after staging a coup (1799)
• the opening of checkpoints allowing East Berliners to walk freely into West Berlin (1989)
• the birthday of actress/inventor Hedy Lamarr (1914)
• the deaths of British PM Neville Chamberlain (1940), French president Charles de Gaulle (1970) and author Stieg Larsson (2004)

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